Kitesurfing along the entire Costa del Sol

Just as windsurfing is a combination between sailing and surfing, kite boarding is a combination between powerkite flying and surfing. One does not need much imagination to understand why this sport have been so popular in a short time. Kite boarding is a true adrenaline sport, where the rider uses and try to control nature’s raw power!

There are many different locations along the Costa del Sol suitable to learn kitesurfing, including Los Alamos near Torremolinos, where there is an official kite zone. Experience the exhilaration of kite boarding in a fun and safe environment! Never done it before? Don’t hesitate to contact they have courses of various length and skills.


Malaga: The Malagueta a large beach in the centre of Malaga which works well with a strong easterly wind. The beach is located to the east of the main port. Man made wave breaks offer flat water on the leeward side, and there can be good waves further into the bay. Care should be taken not to ride too far downwind, as going deeper into the bay the beach becomes narrow and is next to a main road, and to complicate matters further there can be a heavy shore dump.

Los Alamos: Playamar and Los Alamos two beaches which run into each other on the east side of Torremolinos. There is a designated kite zone at the east end of the beach by the Parador golf course. A large beach with good launching areas. From May to September there is a regular thermal effect which assists the light westerly winds and often blows a constant force 4/5. On a hot day with the right conditions a westerly thermal can even blow when the wind in the stretch is easterly, though this is not as likely. Care should be taken at the end of the day with a thermal as the direction may become offshore as the temperatures cool.

Cabopino: A small port half way between Malaga and Marbella which works with both easterly and westerly wind. Not for beginners, this has a reputation for waves, and you may find yourself riding in between the surfers at times. The best waves will be with an easterly wind. With a westerly wind there is a sheltered area next to the wave break which makes for butter flat water for boosting big air. The obvious hazards are the wave break and the harbour, meaning that you will often find yourself sailing with rocks downwind of you.

Cala de Mijas: Here you will find a small beach, complicated by rocks on either side, which makes it unsuitable for beginners. There is often a good westerly wind to be found when much of the coastline has offshore wind. It can sometimes be gusty, but offers good air-time.

Marbella: Los Monteros approx. 2 km east of Marbella on the N340. Take the exit “Altos de Monteros”. This beach offers the best conditions with an Easterly wind in the summer months, usually cross-onshore, and in winter can be amazing if there is a strong westerly wind blowing in the stretch, often offering good waves. As with all beaches, attention should be paid to the possible offshore wind that sometimes mixes with the easterly to produce gusty conditions or complete lulls unsuitable for kiting. If the easterly wind is offshore/unstable in Los Monteros it will often be good in Victor Beach, in between Marbella and Puerto Banus. Generally this beach offers excellent air-time, and the wind blows into a large bay making it safe in case of equipment failure, but has a small launch area with added complications of palm trees and a stone wall which makes it unsuitable for beginners.

San Pedro: Drive into the centre of San Pedro and then head straight for the beach. When there is Levante, (easterly), and the wind is offshore along the Malaga-Marbella coastline, you will often still find good cross on shore conditions in San Pedro. The wind can often be very onshore, sailing almost parallel to the beach. You will often find good waves here as well. If you first try los Monteros with an easterly wind and find it to be offshore, this spot can often be working.

Estepona: Situated next to the beach bar ‘Heaven’ is an official kite zone. During the summer months this is one of the few places where you can sail legally without the risk of a police fine. The area works well with a westerly wind, and a strong easterly wind often works too. The marked area is quite small and has some stones just under the water line, so it is not always easy for beginners.

El Chorro: 45 minutes drive north of Malaga, close to Campillos, are lakes where you will find wind when there is an easterly wind on the coast, which often blows even if the coastal wind has insufficient strength fir kiting. Due to the surrounding mountains it can be an extremely gusty wind, and the shoreline is a hard surface with some rocks, so is not suitable for anything but advanced riders, and even then much care must be taken when launching and landing the kite. It is best to be slightly underpowered so as to be able to handle the gusts. However, the lake offers big wind and flat water, and when taking advantage of a gust the conditions are perfect for achieving huge air.

Tarifa: Huge beaches and a renowned wind. The westerly wind blows in from the Atlantic, often increasing in the afternoon due to a thermal effect. When there is insufficient wind in the morning this is often assisted by the thermal effect to produce great conditions for the afternoon. There are usually wind driven waves which can hinder first timers. The Easterly wind, or Levante, usually comes with a vengeance,- strong gusty wind,- but offers a much calmer sea. The main beach of Los lances is often unsailable with levante, but nearby Valdevaqueros can offer good conditions. Can often be good on the first and last day of Levante when the wind isnt as strong. With higher tides or a big wavebreak that breaches the beach lagoons can be formed on the extensive beaches – both on Los Lances and Valdevaqueros. These can be ideal for beginners or for practicing freestyle as the water is extremely flat. Caution should be taken as they can also be very shallow in places, and can also become crowded.