A picturesque village with Andalusian character

Benahavis is a small picturesque village that managed to retain its Andalucian character. The village is especially known for its excellent gastronomy and restaurants are more frequent than in any other city in the region.


Often called “The dining room of Costa del Sol.” With population of only 2500 people, you can park on the outskirts of the village, only to walk across without getting tired. This small white limed village discovered in the late 1000’s and the name comes from one of the Arab kings son. ‘Ben’ (meaning son) ‘Havis’ (the king’s name). Isabella and Ferdinand Regeneration troops defeated the Moors in 1495 but the Arabs’ time in the village are still visible mainly by the legendary ruins Montemayor from the 1100s. This ancient Moorish ruins is at its highest peak in the area and the view is magnificent over the coast. Benahavis is easily accessible from the highway to the Guadalmina golf course, a further 7 km inland along the rio Guadalmina.

Gastronomy:Very varied cuisine that has become known even outside the country. Typical dishes: Perdiz (partridge), conejo (rabbit), Cordero (lamb) Solomillo ‘en adobo’ or ‘a la fire’ (marinated and grilled beef tenderloin), Cochinillo (suckling pig), Paella, Chorizos al agua.