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Sale of train tickets in Spain

23 Feb 2020

Spanish state railway company Renfe has launched a campaign to promote its new low-cost high-speed train “AVLO”.

The campaign started on 2020-01-27 and continues for 10 days. They offer 10,000 tickets on the Madrid – Barcelona line, 1,000 tickets per day for 5 euros per ticket.

During the premiere yesterday, the website where tickets are sold over 1.5 million visits and yesterday’s ticket allocation sold out in one hour. Anyone wishing to purchase one of the tickets for travel between April 6 and August 31 may be quick when tickets are released. Tonight new tickets will be released at 20:00 and tomorrow Wednesday more new tickets will be released at 13:10 on www.avlorenfe.com.

When the promotional offer is over, AVLO prices on the Madrid – Barcelona line will cost between € 10 and € 60 per trip (depending on departure and demand) except for children under 14 in the company of an adult they will always pay € 5.

AVLO, is a low-cost train but runs at the same speed as the traditional AVE trains (currently 300 km / h, but they are approved for 350 km / h) and the travel times will be the same. What is different is that it is narrower in the trains as they have 20% more seats, no cafeteria trolleys, only offer economy class seats and limit luggage to one cabin bag and one handbag per passenger. If you want more luggage you can pay extra for it just like on the flight.

The Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona line is the first line that gets the new AVLO trains will have three departures in each direction per day. From Madrid 9:15, 16:00 and 20:35. From Barcelona 9:25, 16,25 and 20:00. Today’s first and last train will stop in Zaragoza. The direct route takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, while those staying in Zaragoza will take 15 minutes longer. In September, daily departures are increased to five in each direction.

The AVLO train network will be gradually expanded to the whole of Spain.