Torremolinos is a place full of bars, restaurants and shops. The typical Mediterranean holiday is guaranteed in Torremolinos.




Torremolinos is by far the first place that was developed as a tourist destination on the Costa del Sol. Among the Spanish it is a myth. Going to Torremolinos in the 50-60´s, became a fashion for those who could afford it and for young people seeking entertainment that was not allowed in other locations at the time.


Many people came on scooters all the way from Madrid, to experience the freedom that did not exist anywhere else in Spain.


Torremolinos was a kind of free port at that time. What was considered scandalous living by the Swedes, who went to the beach in bikini, became a famous part of Torremolinos. The effect was did exist for a long time, Swedish girls attitude became a part of the liberation movement in Spain.


Torremolinos is still a place full of bars, restaurants and shops. Here you also find a conference palace, which is frequently used for national and international exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. The beach is full of small bars and “chiringuitos” beach restaurants serving fried fish and the classic “Paella”. The entertainment options are plenty during day time and nightlife, Torremolinos is a city that never sleeps.


Torremolinos is sometimes criticized for how the shoreline has been built on, high-rise hotels and residential buildings in “Manhattan” style mixed with the fishing village’s distinctive features and character. What is true is that Torremolinos is a place with the Spanish style, although there is no excessive tourism filling in the city. Those searching for a holiday with entertainment and nightlife will not be disappointed in what Torremolinos has to offer.