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Certified ecological golf courses

23 Feb 2020

Municipalities on the western Costa del Sol introduce certified ecological golf courses. With a control certificate, golfers should be able to clearly see that the golf course uses purified wastewater in a continuous and lasting manner.

It was presented in January 2020 at the Fitur tourist fair in Madrid. (Picture). Behind the certificate is the municipalities’ community and the public water company Acosol.

Both the Spanish and Andalusian Regional Golf Association are behind the effort to clearly raise awareness of the good use and sustainability of water resources.

The president of the municipal community, José Antonio Mena and Carlos Cañavate at Acosol say they want to highlight golf courses that use purified wastewater during irrigation.

“This is a very important event that emphasizes sustainability, environment and tourism on the Costa del Sol”.

Purified wastewater currently has no less than 40 golf courses on the Costa del Sol. The water reservoirs are at record low levels and there is a shortage of water. An investment of nine million euros to increase the production rate at the EDAR treatment plant in La Víbora, Marbella, means that the plant now produces 14,000 cubic meters of water a day. Water used to water the coastal golf courses.

Diario SUR talks about the clear improvements that have been made recently to reuse purified wastewater and distribute it in the water mains network to reach 40 golf courses on the coast.

It is the companies Acosol and Acuamed that are responsible for the water network and distribution. EUR 9,159,699 has been invested to increase production at the EDAR plant (Estación Depuradora de Aguas Residuales) in La Víbora near Marbella. 14,000 cubic meters a day, the plant manages to distribute.

In total there are 40 golf courses connected online. There are courses located in the area between Torremolinos and Manilva on the western Costa del Sol. Municipal parks and gardens in Marbella will also be connected to the water supply network.

The project has been developed in two phases since 2015. A new pumping station has been installed that will cope with 20,000 cubic meters of water a day, which means that production could increase further.

Our goal is to focus on sustainability in the tourism industry, which is a priority, says Carlos Cañavate, CEO of Acosol.